A Hive of Activity Off the Coast of Arnhem Land

Ramvek is proud to be associated with Manapan Furniture. Our founding director Mark White has teamed up with not-for-profit Aboriginal Organisation ALPA to form Manapan Furniture. Located on Milingimbi and Elcho Islands off the coast of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Manapan Furniture is a hive of activity. We have our master craftsman from Melbourne Rob Crisfield heading up the team of local indigenous workers learning the craft of furniture building. We have fully equipped workshops producing beautiful furniture which would not look out of place in even the most upmarket locations.

The key to our furniture is its design. We have hand pick some of the country’s best and most renowned furniture designers to provide some incredible designs for us to build. Using local timbers and crafts from the area, the end result is unique fine furniture. Our aim is to provide employment and skills for people of Arnhem Land. We have set this business up to be self-funding. Any money that is made is put back into the community. We have now set up a relationship with the local Milingimbi School to provide work experience for the kids coming through. Our hope is these kids can learn a trade which will help them live an independent life and break the welfare cycle. This venture is backed by Ramvek who is not gaining financially in any way. It is also independent of local or federal government funding. Please visit our website to learn more.