Offering quality local and overseas commercial joinery manufacturing options to suit all budgets

One of the services that positions Ramvek as a leading and unique enterprise within the fit-out industry is the offering of international procurement. Ramvek’s international manufacturing program dates back to 1999 when the Ramvek team were working on a new Borders book store in Melbourne. At the client’s request, all joinery was to be shipped in from overseas. It was upon the arrival and inspection of this high-quality joinery from China that Ramvek’s International manufacturing program was born. The superiority and value of this joinery work from China was an eye-opener for the Ramvek team and Mark White, Ramvek’s founding Director.


Ramvek international procurementSoon after this particular project was completed, a Chinese speaker was employed by Ramvek and imports became integrated with Ramvek’s own factory’s output. This was a step forward for Ramvek, and necessary for the business to remain competitive. Since 1999, Ramvek’s quality of imports have improved greatly. “Our overseas product has reached the point where our on-site supervisors cannot tell whether what we bring in is from our Victorian plant or overseas”, says Mark White.


Regardless of the excellence of Ramvek’s Australian-manufactured joinery products – produced at the company’s large manufacturing facility in Melbourne – if a client agrees with the architect on a fabulous finish from Finland, Ramvek will go to Finland and get it. Since Ramvek are involved in every aspect of each project, it is important to work very closely with our clients to understand what their business needs and expectations are.


Ramvek will always go the extra mile to ensure all requirements are met, and that quality is never compromised. When a product is imported, whether it be from Shanghai or anywhere else, it is carefully inspected by Ramvek staff. If it passes muster, it gets a Ramvek stamp. This is a vital part of the reassurance factor for our clients.


Mark White says the fit-out industry has changed vastly since a decade or so ago, when companies did everything in-house. Nowadays, some fit-out companies are little more than an office that outsources every aspect of a project. Ramvek still do as much of their own work as possible, from painting, metalwork and manufacturing components. “We find that if we can get clients to our premises to see our manufacturing facility, we win them over because they feel comfortable we know what we are doing because we are doing it ourselves… We feel it is one of our best sales tools, and we are very proud of it”, says Mark.


As the industry continues to evolve and the cost of labour rises, the proportion of manufactured items from overseas will inevitably increase within the industry, however, Ramvek will remain vigilant and retain its focus on quality. Ramvek assures their local and overseas joinery will continue to complement each other, as has been the case since 1999. With over 17 years’ experience in overseas procurement, an established network, and a wealth of knowledge, Ramvek remain ahead of the competition. For more information on Ramvek’s International Manufacturing program for the fit-out industry, please contact our sales team today.