If you’re planning a design for a retail fitout, it’s important to be mindful of store layout and consider how you can enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Quality retail spaces provide a memorable experience and that’s exactly what you should aim for. You want customers eager to enter your store and happy to spend time inside.

To help you start thinking about your specific needs and how you can optimise the experience of shoppers, give consideration to the following:

Sportsgirl store shopfront - Ramvek retail fitout

A store shopfront for Sportsgirl from one of Ramvek’s retail fitout projects.

Exterior signage and shopfront

A branding element and also the first necessary enticement to lure shoppers inside, your exterior signage is visible to all passing traffic. The name of your store or logo should ideally be large enough to read from a distance, with lighting that makes it easy to view whether it’s day or night.

The rest of your shopfront – including the choice of glass (aka glazing), the door and the bulkhead – also play a part in attracting people inside.

Aisles and product displays

The ability to navigate your store with ease is vital. Nothing annoys a shopper as much as crowded aisles where it’s difficult to pass by others or impossible to turn a trolley around.

Myer product display - Ramvek retail fitout

A retail product display from a Ramvek fitout project for Myer.

Of course, it is also extremely beneficial to incorporate attention-getting displays in key areas to highlight particular products. It is often a compromise of how much stock you can put on display versus how accessible the products are and how well they can be displayed.

The aim is to find the middle ground where you can have beautiful displays while still enabling your customers to move through your store easily and providing you with a good return for the square meterage of the store.

Lighting and sound

These are elements that can make or break a retail store’s design, so be careful not to fall into the trap of trying to save money in this area.

Well-designed lighting can help create the right ambience that will contribute to the memorable shopping experience you’re wanting your customers to enjoy, while music played through a quality sound system can uplift moods and encourage people to stay in the store longer.

On the contrary, badly lit spaces are not appealing to most while music coming through poor-quality speakers can be a distraction, quickly become irritating and cause people to exit earlier. This is something known very well within the hospitality industry.

Joinery (aka cabinetmaking)

From point-of-sale (POS) counters, cabinets, wall panelling and change rooms, joinery is often a significant part of a retail shop fitout.

Tie it all together for your retail fitout

Overall, keep in mind that it is the combination of all the elements of your design – the colours, the textures, the lighting, the smells, the sounds, the spacing around your displays, even the attire of your staff – that creates the atmosphere within your store and impacts on customer experience. Much of it is about how they customer feels.

Every component should tie together and reflect your brand, so that when a customer walks in – whether your brand is one they already love or one they’re just getting to know – they are instantly at ease and remain in the mood to buy.

Working nationally and sometimes globally, we see store designs executed in really great ways and also some instances where things just don’t quite come together.

It is difficult to define the art of great design, but creating appealing and exciting retail spaces is truly that – art.

For more information on how Ramvek can assist with getting your retail fitout right, contact us today.

Quality joinery features in Shu Uemura boutiques - Ramvek retail fitout