Overseas Procurement & Manufacturing

Overseas Procurement & Manufacturing

Overseas Procurement & Manufacturing

We can procure and manufacture shop fixtures including, but not limited to, display racks, retail stands and shelving, throughout Australia.

Since 1999 Ramvek’s overseas procurement and manufacturing division has been an integral part of our supply chain.

Our Melbourne based team work closely with our international teams on the ground at the manufacturing site. At Ramvek, our logic is to apply our knowledge and proven processes in a “hands on” manner with our overseas partners to ensure a quality result.

Each item produced is given the Ramvek quality stamp of approval to ensure it meets the highest standards. We work in China and other South East Asian manufacturing regions to source the best possible products for our all shopfitting projects.

We currently provide fixture and rack procurement services in the following states:

Shop Fixtures Perth | Shop Fixtures Adelaide | Shop Fixtures Brisbane | Shop Fixtures Sydney | Shop Fixtures Melbourne

Companies including Chanel and Burberry trust us with their shop
fitting and construction needs.